Take Action | STEM Integrity Pledge

Tell lawmakers: If you stand with science, we'll stand with you

We deserve leaders who will stand up to Trump’s attacks on science. To make that happen, we need to show our elected officials and candidates for office that we refuse to vote for anyone who fails to respect the basic principles of science.

Take the “stand with STEM” pledge and we’ll deliver your names to key lawmakers and candidates across the country to ask them to sign on, too.


As citizens, we commit to the following STEM principles:

  • To work with schools, community groups and local businesses to promote a free and apolitical STEM environment
  • To speak up and challenge those who distort reality to advance their own narrow agendas under the cover of “alternative facts”
  • To advocate for our local, state and national representatives commitments to support and respect STEM principles
  • To promote a vibrant STEM community by contributing, volunteering and voting for candidates who support and respect STEM principles