Join 314 Action to DEMAND that the DNC allow a Democratic Debate on Climate Change.

Climate change is the most pressing issue facing the United States of America and the planet as a whole. If we do not act soon, Earth will face irreversible damage that could jeopardize human civilization as we know it.

Despite requests from dozens of DNC members, the support of the majority of Democratic Presidential candidates running, and polling that shows 64% of Democrats support the idea, the DNC has refused to organize a debate on climate change. Moreso, they have threatened that any candidate who participates in a non-DNC sanctioned debate will be potentially uninvited from future debates. We are calling on all Democratic presidential candidates to agree to a Fall 2019 debate focused entirely on climate change to be organized by 314 Action, the largest organization in the country devoted to electing scientists and providing a voice for the STEM community in our political system with a nationwide membership of nearly 1 million scientists and pro-science advocates.

The United States has a responsibility to lead on climate change, and Democratic voters deserve to know which candidate for President will be best suited to lead on this issue. The latest reports from scientists working with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as countless federal agencies have demonstrated that we are not on track to prevent catastrophic, worldwide consequences as a result of climate change. Considering that two years ago, the Trump Administration began the withdrawal of the Paris Climate Accord, there is no better time to have a Presidential debate on climate than now.

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